New Songs From The Old Country

Artist: TriBeCaStan
Release Date: June 24, 2014

TriBeCaStan’s album, New Songs From The Old Country, was recorded over a two-year period at Park West Studio in Brooklyn, self-produced by Kruth and Greene and engineered by Jim Clouse. It opens with the elegant Bwiti, named after one of the official faiths of Gabon; the religious practice includes performance of trance music played on a traditional, curved mouthbow, which engaged Greene’s interest and inspired the song. Bwiti includes a gongo mouthbow as well as an African raft zither from Greene’s collection, among many other instruments, but it is not at all a replica of the traditional music – it is purely original TriBeCaStan, a “jazz prayer” that takes ancient sounds from Africa to New York, and back again.


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