New Deli

Artist: TriBeCaStan
Release Date: February 07, 2012

A few years ago two American nomads began exploring a music without rules or regard to borders. The glue was simply their mutual enthusiasm for uncharted sounds, unusual instruments, and the diverse musicians that inspired them. Now, with the release of their third album, New Deli, TriBeCaStan has matured into a large tight-knit ensemble, complete with power horns, rocking bass lines, catchy vocal riffs, and wickedly ingenious solos. With cover art by Zappa’s favorite artist Cal Schenkel, the group-led by co-founders John Kruth and Jeff Greene-has concocted their most dance-friendly record to date, a heady brew of gritty, funky new grooves from the world’s deepest musical roots, thanks to an all-star “FolkLorkeStra” of globally-inspired jazz and rock music veterans.


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