Brasslands: A Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: June 10, 2014

“A tiny Serbian village explodes with brass cacophony and riotous celebration as more than half a million music fans descend upon Guča, the world’s largest trumpet competition.  Amidst a cast of defending Serb champions and struggling Roma Gypsies, an unlikely band from New York City – Zlante Uste – voyages to represent the United States, only a decade after NATO bombs rocked Belgrade.  They will be the first Americans to ever compete at Guča.”

The films high-spirited soundtrack album stands solidly on its own, capturing the vibrant music performed by Romani, Serbian American musicians at the festival. It features contributions by some of Serbia’s finest — including Dejan Avdic, Demiran Cerimovic, and Dejan Petrovic– as well as today’s best NYC brass bands Zlante Uste, Veveritse, Raya Brass Band, and Slavic Soul Party!


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