At Home

Artist: Barmer Boys
Release Date: December 01, 2012

At Home: Barmer Boys, was recorded at Mangey ‘Manga’ Khan’s home in village Ramsar, Barmer district in Rajasthan, India. Continuing with the Amarrass Records’ field recordings project, the recordings on this album convey the relaxed atmosphere at home, and bring out the best in all performers. The ten tracks on this album feature over 60 minutes of music, and showcases the band’s versatility of styles and bubbling energy that infuses each performance – from soulful Sufi kalaams to uplifting wedding and celebratory songs, to boisterous jams with beatboxing. The ‘Raichand’ video captures the essence of Barmer Boys – shot at various locations in Delhi, with the band in town for the 2012 Amarrass Desert Music Festival. A story untold so far, but the true spirit flows in their music.


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