Anthems for Adventure

Artist: TIm and the Space Cadets
Release Date: January 29, 2013

Brooklyn-based Tim and the Space Cadets play songs about the important things in life: pizza parties, snow days, and summer vacations. Songwriters Tim Kubart and Matt Puckett weave their own childhood memories through textured pop tunes, rockers, and lullabies, including their XMKiDS chart-topping single ‘Superhero,’ taking on familiar and iconic childhood experiences with indie flair, distorted guitars, and lyrics that bridge the gap between innocence and wisdom for listeners of all ages to appreciate and understand, bravely exploring the full spectrum of childhood emotion.

Anthems for Adventure is a thirteen-song collection for the young and young at heart that aims to inspire everyone to turn off their TV’s and computers, and get outside and play. It celebrates adventures as grand as riding a cardboard rocketship to space and as small as giving up an old pair of sneakers for new ones.


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