Magenta Label Group offers distribution services for physical and digital sales through eOne Distribution for North America (USA and Canada). eOne Distribution is the largest independent music and video distributor in North America and holds the highest market share of any independent. The company boasts an unparalleled roster ranging from leading record labels to independent film and television studios covering a wide spectrum of genres in both music and video. Through its state-of-the-art facilities in New York and Toronto, eOne Distribution manages physical distribution of CD, Blu-ray and DVD inventories and is a leading Internet fulfillment wholesaler of entertainment products through partnerships with the world’s largest on-line retailers. eOne is a leader in digital distribution, aggregating content for multiple partners including iTunes, Netflix, Amazon.com, Sony Playstation, Xbox, eMusic, Rhapsody and many others. More information about eOne Distribution is available at www.eonedistribution.com.

Included with distribution through Magenta Label Group is a basic level of marketing and promotion to help maximize exposure for CD release(s) across North America. This includes servicing promotional CDs to sales reps and retail accounts and utilizing the eOne distribution staff to take advantage of all sales and marketing opportunities.  It also includes servicing trade press and basic social media marketing. If a project requires a dedicated independent publicist, radio promoter, social media campaign specialist or royalties administrator, we can recommend one for you.

Distributed Music